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For most people the words Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Mining and Wallets are an alien language and because of that a lot of people tend to ignore it and never get involved.

We believe that this is a big mistake and if you take a couple of minutes to read on then things will become much clearer for you.

Partner with us now and not only will we guide you through the minefield of the Crypto world but you will also be earning a fantastic weekly/monthly income by having our systems working for you. And this is done with very little input from our clients.

Apart from making money from our combined group activities you will also have the opportunity of making even more money with our Uvomarketing Affiliate system by referring your friends, family and associates to Uvomarketing with your unique Affiliate code.

Bitcoin mania has gripped the world but why?

In simple terms Bitcoin is purely a digital currency that you can use to buy and sell things. There are no physical coins or notes. They only exist online. There are no governments or central banks that control the release of coins. Bitcoin or cryptocurrency is created by a system known as mining by super computers.

Mining is the process whereby blocks of transactions are verified by super computers located all over the world. Each time a block is verified and confirmed on the blockchain, one of these computers receives the fee in Bitcoin which is created by the blockchain each time a block is successfully verified.

Blockchain is the technology which stores all the information and transactions which are verified by these super computers. Each block is like an entry in a ledger and once verified and confirmed, can not be changed. Due to the complexity and vast numbers of computers which link to the blockchain it has proven to be fully secure and unhackable.

Supporters of blockchain technology believe that a form of crypto currency is going to replace traditional money in the very near future.

The problem with Bitcoin becoming the desired crypto currency of the future is its unstable value. Bitcoin is valued purely based on what someone is prepared to pay for it. In any one-day Bitcoin can jump in value by 10 – 20% and then crash by that same amount. When Bitcoin was first created it was transferred between a limited number of developers with the first transaction being made for a pizza at an agreed cost of 7 Bitcoin. Over a period of 9 years Bitcoin has risen to values more than $20000.

The UvoPay ecosystem

Just like Bitcoin UvoPay has its only crypto currency Uvo Coins are created on its own private blockchain.

Having researched numerous other crypto currency-based projects, we realized that for any crypto currency to become truly successful, it would first of all need to have large volumes of transactions on a daily basis to generate the currencies true value. Once this is achieved, to assure the currency does not crash in value at periodic times throughout the day the coins would need to have some form of guaranteed minimum value.

Through painstaking planning and a large amount of investment, the UvoPay ecosystem has managed to develop all the above. During the 4th quarter of 2018 we will be launching our very own crypto currency-based computer gaming platform whereby all transactions within the games are carried out with UvoCoins being the principle currency for purchases. This insures, that daily, the value of Uvos are created and accepted as being real i.e. if someone pays for in game products using Uvos then it is widely accepted that this is a true value of the currency, as accepted by the two parties. To continue this ongoing creation of value, the UvoPay ecosystem will introduce on a regular basis, new platforms where the principle currency used are Uvos.

To underpin these values, the UvoPay ecosystem has its very own licensed bank who guarantees the minimum value of Uvos. Users of our bank will hold UvoCoin crypto wallets alongside their traditional currency bank accounts. Users will have the facility where they can exchange from Uvo to fiat currency and back again in real time instantly.

To backup the minimum value of UvoCoins, the UvoPay ecosystem also holds a capital reserve vault made up from the sale of new minted coins, profits generated through the various platforms and profits which are generated from the numerous transactions which are performed over the UvoPay blockchain.

Cryptocurrency is the future, it’s here now, it’s not going away and it will not be long before most people start to use Bitcoin and other Crypto currencies for all their normal day to day spending and activities just like they do now with regular debit cards, credit cards and bank accounts.

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